Animal Genetics Resources (AnGR)

The overall objective of AnGR is “to develop and promote breeding strategies and interventions that improve animal productivity in emerging small-scale market-oriented livestock production systems”.
The main activities are:
  • Developing and promoting of innovative data recording, management, synthesis and feedback systems, decision support tools, as well as biorepository platforms to enable effective livestock characterization, conservation, genetic evaluation and selection programs aimed at identifying appropriate genetics for the various production systems.
  • Development and testing of electronic based recording of livestock phenotypes and in-vitro reproductive technologies to deliver the desired livestock genetics and conserve some of the genetic resources to meet future needs.
  • Development of more productive and adapted/resilient livestock and chicken breed types and/or strains.
  • Developing of delivery options for the desired (i.e. more productive and adapted) livestock genetics and facilitating development of breeding objectives and better structured, organizational and institutional arrangements to support long-term and sustainable breeding programs
  • Develop and strengthen the capacity of the key actors in the breeding part of the various livestock value chains to enable sustainable breeding programs for the desired livestock genetics as businesses.
The expected Outcome is: Research and development investors and practitioners actively promoting improved strains and breeding strategies that sustainably improve animal productivity in emerging small-scale market oriented livestock production systems

The Team is involved in capacity building as indicated here:

Presentation to ILRIs Annual Program Meeting held in Addis Ababa, 2013